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    Automated Task Manager

    With fretbin, tasks are auto tagged and scheduled based on your preferences. Organizing tasks has never been this easy.

    AI-Powered Scheduling

    A better workflow

    Provide your schedule preferences in natural language, and let AI do the work of scheduling your tasks.

    Natural Language
    Write down your preferred schedule in your own words. Can it get easier than that?
    Simple Organization
    Define labels and tags, and let AI do the heavy lifting to organize your tasks.
    Community Workflows (Soon)
    Discover and use workflows created by real people with real situations. Let's beat procrastination together.
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    Simple monthly pricing

    Your ease is our commitment. Forget the hassle of remembering to cancel your subscription. Stop using our app and we'll automatically stop the monthly charges.

    Get Pro for full AI capabilities

    Ready to revolutionize your task management? Upgrade to Fretbin PRO and unleash your productivity potential today!

    What’s included

    • Unlimited AI-Powered Assistance
    • Priority Support
    • Automated task tagging
    • Automated scheduling
    • Natural language schedule preferences

    Simple monthly price


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